- pretty nice multilingual dictionary

I’ve found recently the Glosbe dictionary. It’s a page where there is an extreme number of dictionaries collected! There is pretty big Polish-English dictionary but AFAIK also English-Spanish, English-French, Polish-Belarussian and so on. I’m not aware of any other so “multilingual” dictionary.
I just wanted to share :-).

As this is my first post in lingq I hope everything works OK when I click Post now…

Thanks for letting us all know about these dictionaries and welcome to LingQ.

Thanks Steve :slight_smile:

An extremely nice one, really!

I agree. I hope we can add it to the resources in the LingQ widget. I tested a Japanese idiom いずれにしろ which my usual dictionary, Jisho, couldn’t handle. Glosbe also couldn’t give me a definition, but it provided 3210 translated sentences matching the phrase. Pretty easy to figure it out from there.

It doesn’t seem to be working properly at the moment… Whenever I look up a word, if there is a result then it shows nothing, and if there isn’t a result then it says it isn’t yet in the dictionary. Can anyone else confirm whether or not Glosbe’s site is working?

At the moment Russian->English does not seem to be working. Using the Chrome browser I simply get the “header” of a page w/ not content filled in.

it’s not working

En > Ja works, but not vice-versa

Ja > En works now

I’ve tried Swahili>English and Swahili>Russian. These both worked just fined.

OK, I’ve now added all combinations of Glosbe. Let me know if you come across any errors!

Thank you, urszulakotowska, for informing us about this new web dictionary.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: