Giving people points

Vera mentioned the idea of being able to send people points a while back and I was just wondering whether it had been added. The truth is my 10 year old cousins have started learning languages, one is learning Spanish and one is learning Italian. I would quite like to send them some points so that they can submit one very small writing each, is it at all possible?

I think this is a great idea, and I know Mark is looking at it. Unfortunately, many things that seem simple are quite complicated system wise, and we have to have the discipline to stay with our goals. One day, I hope.

Ok, I just thought it would be quite nice to give them the chance to write in the languages, just as a way of giving them some extra motivation :slight_smile:

As Steve mentions, this issue sounds simple (and good!) but is a lot harder to implement effectively. Your cousins could go through the Getting Started shelf to earn a free 500 points which they could use towards paying for some writings being corrected.