Giveaway of the Day: 8 x 500 points

Hi Hape,

I would love to submit a longer text for correction once I finish the current novel I’m reading (a book report, I guess).

I currently haven’t got enough points for this, therefore I would love to receive an additional 500 points :slight_smile:


I don’t deserve your points. I don’t have a nice statement to write.

Surely, a perfect candidate, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Du bist ein wirklich netter “Weihnachtsmann”!!!

Du überraschst mich immer wieder!
All die nützlichen Tipps und Links und Punkte!!!
Ich hatte ein sehr interessantes Gespräch,(mit Deinen Punkten!!)
welches mich ermutigt, weiterhin dran zu bleiben mit Lernen.

Nochmals vielen Dank!

i need and i want
yo quiero y yo necesito. me encanta tener conversaciones con tutores para mejorar mi español.
io voglo e bisgno.


Yeah, I can’t think of a use for them right now Hape. There aren’t any Dutch tutors here, that I know of. I’ve never had a conversation in the language, so it would be too weird for me. (maybe I’m game enough to give it a go - I don’t know yet) haha


I have already written to you and suggested that I could take them from you and return them to you at a later stage so you could buy a membership. You gave away 3,000 points last month and obviously have 4,000 this time. Together, that makes 7,000 in total; 6,000 of which you could easily have used for a 6 month membership.

The 1,000 left could have been kept for conversations for the future as and when the occasion arose. You could simply request them at a later stage.

If you prefer not to do so, that is your prerogative.

thks hape

Vielen Dank, Hape! :slight_smile:

How truly nice of you, Hape.
I can see what Jolanda is on about by calling you “Santa’”

Need and need, I’m not sure. I have never had any points before, so… I can’t tell of their benefit to my language learning. i don’t feel eager at engaging in speaking sessions any time soon, while the idea of submitting writings i find to be of interest to me. Those are (if given points) my choices to spend them on right.

Now, I Would be glad if offered points. So, yes please, Hape. :slight_smile:

I also need these points

I’m learning Japanese for almost 2 years and I never spoke a word. These 500 points would be a good reason to say “konnichiha” for the first time. Also, I would be able to see how the LingQ tutoring system works.

Wow Hope,
I never think before, that in this world live generous person like you :slight_smile: Good luck :))

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!

Hello Hape,
I already do get some points for my Dutch lessons I shared, and started writing itialian texts and I had two conversations so far. If I get 500 more points I will spend them on a Swedish conversation. I practice a little with my sister, but I noticed that a real lesson is better in some points because you get more direct feedback.
Thank you so much if there are some points left!
BTW Imyirtseshem, if you ever would like to talk some Dutch, we could try to find a time which is convenient for us both.

Silviad - I’ve given up on ever speaking Dutch. It’s become an ‘understanding only’ language. :slight_smile:


I’m greedy…and greed is good…!

Give me all 1500 of your remaining points, please! :smiley:

Sorry Hape, but I’m an all-or-nothing high roller!

I suggest you give the points to someone who is less greedy than I am! :wink:

Hi hape,

eine nette Sache in Vorweihnachtszeit!

I would take your points because to improve my speaking I need much more conversations than I can have as a PlusMember. I don’t have enough time to get point thorough other activities.