Give a dog a bad name and hang him

“The principle is that a person’s plight is hopeless once his reputation has been blackened. Similar to ‘he that has an ill name is half hanged’.” Answers - The Most Trusted Place for Answering Life's Questions

I wonder in what context you use this proverb? Doesn’t this proverb mean that we should try to use less stereotyped or prejudiced words, or does it only refer to the hopeless plight caused by a bad reputation?

MMFlint said, “The patriots were those who opposed this war. Those who supported it have their own conscience to deal with. God forgive us.”

Michael Moore?? Good God, stay clear of that communist traitor!!!

Daniel Bell considered himself a "liberal in politics, a socialist in economics and a conservative in culture.” Arguing the World -- The New York Intellectuals | Daniel Bell


“Give a dog a bad name and hang him” is the hopeless plight cause by a bad reputation.

Pondering this wisdom one could reach many conclusions.

Destroy your opposition by smearing his name.
Consider your actions, because once you loose your name you’ve lost everything
.Avoid stereotyping people as it could hurt them, like you said in your post.

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With regards Michael Moore – “Give a dog a bad name and hang him”, eh?
If I remember some of your posts correctly, I have to wonder if you are speaking sarcastically.

Thank you for your explanation. Now I understand that the meaning of the proverb depends on the context, that is, it can signify different things.
The song “A Boy Named Sue” is wonderful. Does it belong to “country-western” music?


I suppose rohr4842 was speaking sarcastically. As Mait said elsewhere, “God has no standing with” him if he is an atheist. He wanted to show the typical response of the so-called “Christian right” to Michael Moore, I imagine.


Thanks for the response about rohr4842. I’ve been sitting here wondering if I got the right guy and after your response I feel confident I did.

Well, I might actually respond myself here. Yeah, my initial post was meant kind of sarcastic. I liked some of his films, but I think nowadays he is just a business man. I havn’t even watched “Sicko”.

Michael Moore’s twitter site has 686,353 “followers,” and I am one of them.