Gift catalog

gift catalog - a magazine or book with gift selections ONE can order from home delivery

I saw the definition of gift catalog, but I don’t understand the “one” means what?
It means “you”, “people”?

Thank you!!!

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Yep :grin: ”One” here is an impersonal pronoun (without numerical value) meaning “a person” or “people” in a general sense, and also as an impersonal “you”. That is, native English speakers often use “you” in the same way as impersonal pronoun “one”. For example, “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”.


What JulieS said, but it is worth noting that ‘one’ as an impersonal pronoun is somewhat formal; in casual speech you* are far more likely to hear ‘you’ instead.

*Or maybe I should say, ‘in casual speech one is far more likely…’ :stuck_out_tongue: