Giant multilingual sentence repository

I stumbled across an extremely large community built multilingual sentence repository:

It looks like it was designed for language learners with the sentence method in mind, but I am really loving the fact that you can search for sentences with keywords in them to gets multiple different shades of meaning. I also like being able to see a sentence and simultaneously look at its translation in other languages I know. I think having multiple reference languages gives better understanding than having just one.

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Hi Odiernod,
The link doesn’t work ;-(

Just put in

Great idea, but I am not sure of the utility.

Thanks for the link fix dooo.

Like I said, I just discovered it. I’ll have a better idea whether its truly useful or not after a few weeks.

I think this could be helpful if it was integrated as a dictionary resource option, so it’s only a click away when checking the meaning of a word in the lingq editor.

There is a couple of similar projects:
For instance, and the “Examples” mode on

Great tip!

I know that in “linguee” are translations implemented from the LingQ FAQ because I accidentely come across one once.

Tatoeba is a bit different than the ones eugrus mentions in that Tatoeba is all community driven, users add new sentences and add new translations, and approved users modify translations.

Linguee and from what I understand the Examples mode of lingvopro are more “dynamic” in nature, in that they use bots to find manually translated content on the web and use these sentences as the basis for their examples. I also like that Linguee does some post processing as well to sort of combine the dictionary + examples functionality seamlessly, whereas Lingvopro supports a whole heck of a lot more languages. All in all, I think that these three different sources complement each other very nicely.

I’ve now added Tatoeba for all combinations on the site.

I just tried it out, it makes finding example sentences very convenient!

Great stuff, thanks! Another way to explore words.