Ghost Words and False Known Word Counts

Hello fellow Lingqers,
Ive just noticed a problem with the known word counting system that is caused by ‘‘ghost words’’ in some lessons

Problem: Some lessons have less words than is shown by the word counter. By the time you get to the end of the lesson, even if youve lingqed all the words it shows that there are still some words remaining(ghost words). The MAIN consequence of this is that once I click the finish lesson button, ALL the ghost words are somehow added to my known word count!

This means that my known word count is abnormally inflated.
Today i checked through the filter in the vocabulary tab to see how many known words i actually have (words marked ‘‘4’’ or known) and the result was 3,773 words however my know words counter shows 5,028 words. This is a difference of 1,255 words which is a lot. Im guessing 1255 are partly from the words that I marked as known right from the start and so they were never included in my learning vocabulary and partly from ghost words that have been counted overtime without me noticing. However i don’t currently know of a way to find the exact ratio

Honestly i don’t think its too much of a big deal however I think this can create a false sense of progress and affect trust in the system.

Please, Can this be fixed soon? Thank you

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Yes, that’s one of things we hope will be solved for good once we release new reader in LingQ 5.0.


Yes I have had this happen to me too, when I read some comedy soap opera type story in Norwegian.