Ghost blue words

It happens a lot, you marked all words but there are still some number of blue words in a circle above the lesson. You press “finish the lesson” and this number of “ghost” words is added to your known words. And you have no idea what was added.

Example: Login - LingQ

I have 48 blue words left that I can’t find anywhere in the lesson.

A few times I got around it by going to Classic view and there were some chunks that didn’t appear in the New View, but in this particular case I can’t find these 48 words in a Classic view either.

Some lessons (happens mostly in Spanish and French) have wrong word split and needs to be re-split again in order to show all blue words regularly.
Most of the courses/lessons that had this problem are already fixed. But if you notice again a lesson in which you are unable to select a word (white words which can’t be clicked on, but are actually considered blue), send us a link to that lesson to support(at) and we will re-split it and fix it so that you can use it normally.

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Thanks for the reply. I sent a few lessons on that e-mail.

But the thing is, I don’t encounter words that I can’t click. I encounter the number, literally the number (in the circle), of blue words that are nowhere to found in the lesson.

Thanks, I’ve got your email and fixed lessons.

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