Getting Towards the End of Harry Potter; Can Anyone Recommend a Suitable Book Series to Tackle Next?

It doesn’t have to be translation. FWIW, Harry Potter comes quite easy to me. I’m more than halfway through the 5th book and it’s a fairly effortless read (obviously still encountering some unknown words). I much prefer reading a physical book, so I’d like that to be an option.

I looked into Percy Jackson but it’s probably on a similar reading level to Harry Potter (which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing).

Ideally, I’d like something with a number (at least 3) of books to the series; for the audiobook to be available somewhere; for it to be slightly more advanced than Harry Potter; and obviously for it to be an engaging story.

A Song of Ice and Fire looked interesting. It might be a little too advanced but I’ve read the first 3 books in English. I could only find the audio for the first book though.

I’m not familiar with any orginal Spanish book series so if someone can point me to something suitable that would be great! Perhaps there’s a good detective/mystery series originally written in Spanish that I don’t know about?

Anyway, I realise I’m being quite specific, but hopefully there’s a chance someone can recommend something that fits.

Hunger games Is a good level. Widely translated. I suspect the audiobook will be easy to find


How can i learn english well,i can’t understand how to use this tool,which one can help me!Please help!

The Lord of the Rings series is a good choice.(指环王系列是不错的选择)

Ooh, that might be a good one! I actually have the first book in English but I haven’t read it yet. Thanks for that. :+1:

What is your native language,how do you learn English?

Hi hellion,

Not sure if that´s already too difficult for you, but here are a few free audio book versions (you only need to complement them with the corresponding e-books / printed books in Spanish) :

Or an original book series in Spanish:

  • Carlos Ruíz Zafón, El cementerio de los libros olvidados (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books)
  • La sombra del viento, 2001 (The Shadow of the Wind). See: - YouTube
  • El juego del ángel, 2008 (The Angel’s Game)
  • El prisionero del cielo, 2011 (The Prisoner of Heaven)
  • El laberinto de los espíritus, 2017 (The Labyrinth of Spirits)
  • The City of Mist, 2021

Hope that helps

PS -
If you don´t like the narrators on Youtube, you can also check out the professional voice artists on Audible!


I’ve only read the first Harry Potter book in my target languages. I’m now reading the first book of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books (The Lightning Theif) in my target languages. I find it easier, but I did start the Harry Potter book at a much lower level so maybe mostly what I’m seeing is my improvement in the language (I probably do have a few thousand more words under my belt). I’m seeing about a 10% amount of unknown words so there’s still a fair amount of vocabulary to become acquainted with…about 3000 words. Of course some amount of these I can mark as known as they are relatable to other words I know.

It’s a good book so far though, so if you’re looking for something that might be a fun read you might check it out. Every author has their own favorite vocabulary so you may come across a fair amount you’re not familiar with. Personally, this feels like a perfect level for myself currently…Harry Potter was a bit above my level at the time so there was a lot of looking up words. BTW, I’m around the 20,000 known word mark in German, if that helps gauge.


KQH, probably best to go to the “Lessons” tab (top left). Then scroll down to “Guided Courses” section and start with the Beginner items there. It looks like you’ve done some “Lingq’ing” already. You just need to keep reading and listening to content. Progress will come. Marks words as “known” once you understand the word in context.


Good to hear that it’s fun, which is probably the most important thing. I’m trying to add a little more extensive reading so a comfortable level probably isn’t a bad thing. I’ll definietly check out the first book to gauge the level. I can definitely relate to things seeming easier after a few books under your belt. I’m still amazed at the difference in my listening/reading ability now compared to when I read the first HP book.


Another series probably at this same level that I remember reading when I was a kid was the Chronicles of Narnia.

Again, may be not much of a struggle, but a good casual read.

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Also the 100 series and maze runner series may be a good bet. Both are young adult series of novels and I suspect would be widely translated into different languages.