Getting to the librry

Hi, I think we have already debated about this thread, but as the problem is getting worse, I would like to know if anyone else has encountered this sort of disruption.
Actually, it took me roughly 2 to 3 minutes to get from the welcome page to the library’s. It’s really frustrating and annoying.

I wonder if it’s just a temporary problem. It has been difficult to use LingQ over the last few days. When I try to get to LingQ, I’d often get the error message from IE that it cannot display the page. Even when LingQ works, it would take a long time to open a lesson. Even saving a LingQ can take a long time. The LingQ server seems to be rather sluggish and unstable recently.

We appreciate the feedback. I know Mark will get right on it. If there are computer savvy people out there with ideas on what causes slowness please let us know.

Obviously the calculations slow things down. Maybe there are bright ideas out there on how to finesse some of these calculations.

Having said that I just went into LingQ’s Library and selected the most recent version of Cafe do Brasil podcast and everything was very fast!

I think there are waves of slowness. I hope we can identify the problem and make the performance of the site more consistent.

I experienced the same problem. It took me a long time to open the library, sometimes it needs more time, sometimes it is a bit faster.

French library: 98 seconds.
English library: 130 seconds.

Changing language and opening a lesson take also a lot of time.

We have just spent quite a bit of effort to speed up the Library. It should be much faster now. It seems so to me. Let us know… :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
Wow! The library display window appears now instantly!.. Thanks for this tremendous improvment, however, I’m sorry to look so picky, but the providers list at the right hand side of the window doesn’t display anymore.

True: speed is great, Top Provider list is missing.

Sorry! We’ll get that put back right away.

I have one suggestion :slight_smile:
People quite often upload several items at one collection at once. And when you open “New lessons” page, you see, for example, a lot of VOA lessons, so it is rather difficult to find new non-VOA lessons. Perhaps you can implement “Last updated collections” function?..

That’s not a bad suggestion. In fact, it might be nice to be able to toggle between collections and lessons on every shelf. Something to add to the list…but not anything that will happen soon, I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

I’m a person who often upload several VOA items at one collection at once in English library. “Last updated collections” function is a good idea. Or “non-nobuo’s imported lessons” function will work. :slight_smile:

The library is much faster than before! Thanks! I can enjoy to explorer the library and find some treasure lessons. I often click “Browse Full Library” and sort by “Date Add to Library”. If I can set the browse full library page by “sort by date” as my default, it would be happier, because every time I have to sort by date. I just want to check the latest uploaded lessons to the library.

One more suggestion. When I see the lesson pre-view windows, if we can see the other member’s short comments, recommendation, review about this lesson, it would be fun and helpful.

Nobuo, we definitely plan to add reviews and ratings someday. Remembering your last sort order is another thing we can add to the future enhancements list.

Hi Mark, The access to the library is faster. That’s nice. But changing the language is very slow. Did other experienced the same?

Actually, I can switch the language quiet easily.

Actually, I can switch the language quite easily.

I would agree with Vera that switching languages seems slow. One step at a time. We will eventually have everything humming the way we want.

For switching languages, I always change the URL . For example

is this page if I were studying French.

But if I want to change to Japanese I go to the address bar and change “fr” to “ja”, for example:

Press enter and it changes in a flash.

Seems weird that it changes so fast this way and so slow the normal way.

Great hint, Edward! Thank you.

I seem to remember Mark or Cakypa suggesting it several months ago. So credit goes to them.