Getting the text from Audio

I noticed Steve said in one of his latest videos that he uses software/a site to transcribe audio for free. Does anyone know what it is called? Also does anyone know how to get audio from a video or does the site work with videos? Thanks.

I don’t know about a speech-to-text service, but as for your second question, If you have a video file the program ‘Audacity’ can extract the audio. That’s an audio processing program that is normally used with just audio files, but it will recognize a video file and extract the audio. Then you can export the audio as an MP3, WAV, etc. file.

There are a number of browser plugins (for Firefox and Chrome as far as I know) that facilitate downloading a video as a file. I don’t know of a site that will give you the audio given a link to a video, but that would be easier.

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I recently did a bit of investigation on this topic, and found no free solutions. On average, I found a price of 9-10 dollars per hour of machine-generated audio to text.

Hi, if you own a Windows PC, give “Dragon Naturally Speaking” (Home Edition) a try. It works very well but you have to train it with your own voice. If you own a Mac, I think there is a voice recognition function embedded in the OS.

I did a massive investigation on this topic. I actually got a paid software called “Dragon Naturally Speaking”, but it turned out not so good, mainly because the best way of getting transcribe audio was through youtube(in terms of accuracy), uploading a video/mp3 player in youtube and then generating an automatic transcript. So for now, I’m using the youtube method.


I think Steve uses Happy Scribe MP3 to Text | Transcribe MP3 Online - Happy Scribe. It’s a paid service I believe.


Thanks everyone for the replies. I’ve checked out Happy Scribe and it seems okay, so I’ll probably just go with that. It looks like they give 30 minutes free, so I’ll try that first.

Thanks, I will try this if I don’t like “Happy Scribe”.