Getting started

My link button is not highlighted and I receive no audio. I really want to try your site. Help me please.


You have to select a word or phrase for the LingQ button to turn blue. The sound bar is at the bottom of the text. Please use the Help in the upper right hand corner, and take the time to watch the Demos. We are all here to help you.

Stick with it though. It’s only after a few weeks that you really start seeing results…

What I really mean is that the words don’t highlight so the button doesn’t turn blue. I have gone through the help demos several times and am still unable to select words. I’ve tried right clicking and left clicking with no result. Your program sounds great and I’m very motivated. Do you have any other suggestions?



You can Skype me at lingosteve and I will walk you through it. But first what browser are you using?

Hi Kris,

There do seem to be some people having trouble with highlighting in IE6. Are you using this browser? If so, please either upgrade to IE7 or switch to Firefox 2 or 3. If you upgrade to IE8, please turn on their Compatibility View.

Mark, Thanks for getting back to me. How does one upgrade to the new browser? I tried to install Firefox from one of your links. I went through all the instructions but I don’t know what’s happened. Do I need to go to a computer store?

You shouldn’t need a computer store! :slight_smile: You simply download it, install it by clicking on the downloaded file and then click on the Firefox shortcut on your desktop once it’s been installed.

Hopefully you figure it out, because Lingq without lingqing just isn’t lingq.