Getting started

Hi - I have just joined to learn Chinese. Is there a tutorial on how to use the site? Are beginner’s lessons numbered in sequence so we can work through them in order, say from lesson 1 to lesson 10?

01 - START HERE - Damn Simple Chinese —> Login - LingQ
02 - ChinesePod Newbie Lessons —> Login - LingQ
03 - Easy Chinese Dialogues —> Login - LingQ
04 - ChinesePod Intermediate Lessons —> Login - LingQ
05 - HSK 3 Exam Preparation —> Login - LingQ
06 - HSK 4 Exam Preparation —> Login - LingQ
07 - More ChinesePod lessons (higher levels) —> Login - LingQ

After the first lessons you may also search for lessons in the library by level (Beginner 1) or by unknown words (5-20 %). So you’ll find material that is a bit harder than the one you’ve already worked on.

Good luck.

PS: Some more hints:

Some lessons have no Pinyin, use this to get the Pinyin (open the print window and copy and paste):

This Wikipedia article is an excellent introduction in Chinese characters:

There are more articles about the topic, just follow the links in this article.

All characters can be found via this Pinyin index:

E.g. guo2 = 国 = country, etc.
There you’ll find stroke order and all other infos about a character.
See the stroke order: File:国-bw.png - Wiktionary

This book tells you everything about characters (simplified):

The best online dictionaries are:


Thanks for that - my questions are pretty simple (I think)

Are there any “LingQ 101 - Getting Started” in English? - These seem to be in Chinese - I’m really looking for 3-4 tutorials that explain how to navigate the site and what the various symbols, colours etc

As far as I can see the lessons are not listed in order - 001, 002, 003 etc etc - is there any reason for this?

@MarkeB - To find out more about how to use the site, I would recommend taking a look at our Getting Started video series here: null - YouTube

The LingQ 101 - Getting Started course that you refer to does have English translations, along with links to the videos in the playlist above.

If you’re curious about the LingQ method, take a look at the LingQ Academy here: Getting Started - Two Weeks at LingQ Academy