Getting rid of known words from the past

I used lingq free version for 2 years until finally getting premium. I decided that I want to go back into every lesson and get rid of all the names, place names, etc which are likely inflating my known word totals by a few hundred or even thousand, but I can’t do it.

If I click on a word, make it a lingq, then click X, my word total doesn’t change at all and the word just stays the way it was before.

How do I make it to ignore such things so I can go about fixing my known words?

If you click on a Known word (white word) or LingQ (yellow word) and ignore it, it will be removed from your Known words stats or LingQs list in the Vocabulary. If Known words counter doesn’t drop right away, it will after you refresh the page, no worries.
But please note that yellow words aren’t considered known (unless they are on status 4) so if you ignore these words, your known words counter won’t drop.

You are right. But a problem is that sometimes when you click X, it makes it a lingq which you can only see after having closed the lesson. So I’ll have random lingqs to go through in the list later to fix. 700 “words” down so far with plenty to go.

Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Are you saying that you select a blue word, then click “X” to ignore it and it became yellow and saved as a LingQ?

No, rather that when I select a white word and click “X” it sometimes makes a LingQ, but only after I finish going through the lesson. For example if I find the name Charles or “www.” in white, I select and click X, I may find it in another lesson as a LingQ. It’s only some words but there’s no telling how many there are that I haven’t caught

If you notice that issue again, please post a lesson URL and example of words you have a problem with. I’ll look into it.

I can’t really find where the words came from since there are so many lessons I’ve done this with, and the words it does it with are completely random

Next time you notice it happens, please email me on support(at) with a lesson URL. I tried testing it a lot on my end but can’t reproduce it.