Getting Ready to sign up for 1-1 conversation

Okay, long story short. I have been learning French off and on for a few years.
I am ready to take the next step: 1-1 conversations of 15 minutes a few times a week with a LingQ Tutor.

I watched the example video but i am still unsure of how the Conversation Lessons actually work.

For example, what do I talk about? Do i prepare a topic in advance? Am i sent a summary of the lesson for later study?

Sorry for the Newb type questions (for someone who has been on LingQ a while).


P.S. I am going to sign up for Skype today. What type of headphones / mic would my fellow LingQers recommend?

My experience with English was about reading something in advance and then discussing about it and then the tutor sends me a report of my mistakes as an Email.

For mic, I really think it does not matter, I used a normal one and it went really good.

All best.

Thank you for your feedback.

I just signed up for Skype but my WebCam is broken (I guess i won’t have to comb my hair before my French lessons). Everything else (audio and mic. work just fine).


  1. Make a test Skype ‘conversation’ with the Skype Echo robot. If you can hear your voice fine - it’s fine. Otherwise just try to find a beter microphone or adjust the sound settings (input level - lower/higher, etc.).

  2. Prepare a very short list of main themes you would like to discuss. For the 1st time it will be enough to talk about yourself + some simple subjects. 15 minuts is not too much.

  3. Relax and wait for the report.

  4. Import the report as a lesson and look through it. It’s just one of the lessons, do the same things you always do with any other LingQ lesson.

  5. Profit.

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