Getting permission to share podcasts

Hi guys!

I have a number of Japanese podcasts I’ve paid people to transcribe for me. It is all from the same podcast series.

Since I have them and I’m putting them on LingQ anyway, I want to share them and make them public, but I’m guessing you need permission from the owner.

How do I go about making that happen? What information do I need to send to LingQ?

Thank you!

You should try to contact the owner. You could even offer the transcripts to him/her. I would even put a few in our library and let him know if he objects. Let us know how you make out.

For reference, I used a version of the message below. Feel free to use something similar, you would need to translate into the language used by the podcast provider (if this is not English):

"Hello, I am a big fan of your podcasts, and I enjoy them immensely.

I have transcribed a number of the podcasts that are broadcast on your website, for the purpose of helping me to learn [language xxx].

I am seeking permission to put the transcripts and mp3 on the language learning website , along with a link to the original podcast web address and acknowledgement of the source.

Additionally, I am more than happy to share these podcast transcripts with you - which I think could be utilised to your benefit (for example, to improve internet search hits for your podcast’s contents).

I receive no money from for doing any of this, and I am sharing the transcripts as a means of giving back to the language learning community.

I look forward to hearing from you."

I then forwarded written confirmation onto lingq support.


Sounds nice :slight_smile:

I would add that all transcripts and mp3 on LingQ are free and available for free members too after the registration. The owner should know that LingQ doesn’t sell the podcasts.

My experience is that only 10 percent agree. Unfortunately I got never permission from official radio stations. They didn’t even answer :frowning: