Getting L WT taken down is a scumbag move

Getting a rival website that helps you learn with texts taken down…I am now starting a boycott of your terrible software. You are going after people who want free software and trying to force them to use your poorly designed, terribly implemented version.

You will delete this but it’s going to be posted all over social media. I will make sure everyone knows what you’ve done. You absolute scumbag humans.

More information please. Which is that rival website?

Not allowed to write it here it gets asterix’d out. One helps you learn with texts and another is a text reader for foreign languages. Google it and you’ll find out, i’m currently in the middle of letting every major youtube channel, every channel talking about LingQ, every relevant twitter and instagram account and facebook know about this. The miniscule amount of sub money they were going to get from the handful of people who used these softwares is going to be nothing compared to the amount of people who will now see what they have done.

Absolutely horrible behaviour. The sycophants on here will defend it, of course, but everyone else sees the truth even though LingQ have (laughably) denied it was them. They forced the softwares down on the same day and had them both redirect to this website instead. Cockroaches.

Has this been confirmed by LWT? The reddit post that mentioned it was pure speculation.


I tried googling it but couldn’t find out what you are talking about. Maybe mention the rival website name in a foreign language perhaps that way we can google it and see what you are talking about. Right now we have no clue about what you are ranting about.

He is talking about Learning With Text (LWT) LWT - Learning with Texts download |
It was taken down and its description was replaced by:
" In order to avoid legal disputes, the LWT software is no longer available.
Try LINGQ: "

A few reddit users posted on r/languagelearning claiming that LingQ sued LWT to take down its competitor.
Reddit - Dive into anything
Reddit - Dive into anything

This was denied by LingQ on their twitter and so far no word from LWT.

In my opinion this is just a big misunderstanding. The original statement did not say the legal dispute was with LingQ (it merely recommended it as an alternative). No one has reached out to LWT to ask them for more info, but some people seem to want to assume the worst and go with it. I doubt LingQ even has the authority to shut LWT down. What could they claim the right to?


For the level of certainty (and anger) in your posts, you have provided no actual concrete evidence. The censoring on this forum is indeed annoying and should be removed, however you’re making some pretty serious allegations here. Are these based on anything more than uncharitable assumption? If not, can you provide actual proof, please?


whatever that software is, if it is released under public domain so it should not be a problem for lingq or any other language learning portal like FluentU or various others, if your product is good enough it should have loyal customers. We can not accuse Lingq or any other website until we have facts from both parties right now we have a few posts to go by no official statements by involved parties. I will not use offensive language until I hear the real story from both parties.

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I’m not going to defend the UX/UI of LingQ as that is a separate matter.
However, there isn’t any credible evidence that LingQ is responsible for the take down, so your language is unnecessarily aggressive and subjecting LingQ to a smear campaign when they may not have done anything wrong is wholly unfair.

The attack first ,facts later, approach just doesn’t seem right.


I think it would be a good idea to provide some solid evidence on what is happening before you try to destroy somebody on social media with baseless claims. Cancel culture has gone too far.


They both got taken down on the same day over a lack of wanting to fight ‘legal issues’ and both directed users directly to this website. Steve Kaufmann also hasn’t denied it in a response to someone else who directed this at him on Twitter. It was definitely LingQ’s doing, but sycophants gonna sycophant. People could sell you ice if you were eskimos.

Both were taken down due to impending legal issues and then directed their users here. If that’s not proof enough for you i have a bridge you can buy.

Plenty of people have reached out to Lingq, and where they’ve been able to they have deleted comments without answer. They can’t do that on twitter.

Please tell me of a plausible situation whereby two different foreign language tools similar to LingQ are taken down on the same day, and BOTH of them state legal issues as the reason and BOTH of them redirect to the only competitor, and yet LingQ aren’t responsible. Please tell me a situation whereby this could possibly be someone else threatening legal action.

After the massive backlash against LingQ today they have now removed the suggestion that you go try LingQ. As for LingQ not ‘having the authority’ to shut them down - of course they don’t, nobody said LingQ forced them to shut down, but the threat of LEGAL action made them voluntarily shut down.

Competitors close down just as an expensive rebrand of LingQ is coming up, both citing legal issues and redirecting to the ONLY other competitor.

Nothing to see here, all above board. Keep giving Kaufmann your money for his broken software.

I don’t have any information on this, and will wait until I hear something more conclusive than speculation.

Obviously this is a something that you have strong, negative feelings, but it would be nice if we all kept it in mind that Lingq is run by individual human beings with feelings, so maybe it’s best to hold off on using words like “scumbag humans” and “cockroaches.”


very circumstantial


no, they have no evidence as far as I can tell, there’s still the possibility that the guys who took the software down just direct people to lingq because it’s the closest thing available to the software people are looking for


In order to avoid legal disputes, the LWT software is no longer available.

I got the above message after downloading their software.

The key question should be asked here, who is the guilty party here- if they are the right party they should take legal action against LINGQ?

He has denied it. I don’t know, exactly what’s going on. Obviously, it is a blow to users of LWT but you are extremely angry to the point it seems unhealthy to be honest.


I also thought it was LingQ at first, but there’s no real evidence yet. You also should at least show some proper manners, businesses are here for money after all. Although if i were LingQ i wouldn’t take this post down, you know what they say about deleting criticism…

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We obviously had nothing to do with this. We don’t issue legal challenges. We have never corresponded with anyone from either product. Whoever started LWT years ago would try and promote their product on our forum so we blocked the name from our forum to try and stop this behaviour. The notice on their site seems to suggest that they got tired of supporting their product and shut down. They seem to be recommending LingQ as an alternative, which seems unlikely if we were the source of their shutdown. The ridiculously aggressive tone, based on zero evidence from the OP is truly amazing.