Getting good use out of review

I see the point of reviewing LingQs, but I am frustrated about one aspect.

The review questions will ask about the meaning of a word, and use as context the original text surrounding the word with a blank to fill in. But nearly half of the time, the context isn’t enough to tell me which word should fit the blank. So I end up memorizing the right answer based on the near meaningless sentence fragment.

Is there a way to fix this or make it less of a problem? Do you have the same issue?


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In my opinion, if you´re reviewing pages/lessons it is a rather advanced task like doing a crossword or riddle in your own language. Stick with sentence view, the review is really good there and you even practice ordering the sentence which is a great exercise.


You’re right, I’ve also noticed that the context isn’t always much help; only part of a sentence is there, and the important words at the beginning and end of the sentence are missing. Also, sometimes it asks one to translate the word on the screen in one’s native language into a word in one’s target language, but the word in one’s native language is NOT on the screen, so there’s really almost zero chance of guessing correctly. So I’ve decided to forget about the cards and just keep reading, since the words I really need to learn will keep showing up again and again in various contexts until I learn them. I didn’t come here for flashcards anyway, they’re just a bonus. :slight_smile:



I had not used the sentence review yet. Hey, it’s pretty good! I think it slows me down a bit and influences me to make sure I understand a sentence before continuing.

I might combine this with WillowMeDown’s strategy. It’s a good point that if a word is common, it will keep coming up again. And maybe it’s not as rigorous as the SRS methodology, but that’s fine.

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With the sentence reviews I wouldn´t do more than 10 a session, but they´re very useful if they´re targeted, part of your ongoing class (if you take a course) or something you have generated yourself (your diary, your planned grammar point etc)

I just realized that the sentences are customizable. If you imported the lesson yourself, you can just “edit the sentence” during the lesson, making it something that will fit within the constraints of the LingQ, and then use that new sentence as the context for the LIngQ.

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