Getting back into Swedish

After an inexcusable lapse of almost two years, I have once again taken up study of Swedish here at LingQ. I was hoping to solicit some advice from other languages learners, not just of Swedish, who might be able to offer advice, experiences and so on.

Basically my library has about ten or so advanced content items, roughly ten minutes each, on various topics. They’ve all been fully LingQed, so now it’s simply a matter of going back and reviewing all this stuff that I once knew quite well.

The majority of the LingQs are ranked at 3 or even 4, and I’ve forgotten or become unfamiliar with a good many. How would you go about reviewing all this material again? It’s quite tedious re-reading every content item, rechecking all the LingQs and then reading it through a further time while listening to the audio. Each item also has around 150-200 LingQs a piece, which makes the prospect of finally flashcarding all these items almost insurmountably boring.

I love Swedish and regret putting it off like this. My comprehension level overall is probably intermediate and so I’m quite comfortable with the natural spoken speed of what I’m studying. It’s just a matter of learning all those words!

Any suggestions would of course be most appreciated. :slight_smile:

I would listen and read at the same time, pausing when coming across an unknown or forgotten word (and LingQing / reLingQing the word). Then, the next time I listen and read at the same time, I would have a go at the flashcards before doing it.

Mind you, I’ve heard that Swedish can be particularly tricky on the ear, so I’d focus on doing lots of listening (and LingQing) until talk-back radio / interview kind of content were no longer a problem. But since you say that you’re already quite comfortable with the natural spoken speed of it, it probably won’t take very long to be back to where you were before (and beyond!).