Getting a VPN was the best decision for my language learning I've made since installing LingQ

I got a VPN with a french server that allows me to access French TV. In Europe many state broadcasters are required by law to provide close captions for the deaf tax payers. This is perfect for people who have a good reading level but whose listening skills are still far behind.

This opened up a huge amount of content that you can’t find on youtube for copyright reasons. I’ve watched so many great documentaries in the past couple of weeks.

I also found a program that allows me to rip those videos with their SRT files so I can watch them while I commute or or load them into LingQ. I imagine people have made similar programs for their state broadcasters.

I recommend starting with nature documentaries. They have a slow speaking pace, and there are strong visual images to help you along. It won’t be hard to build your vocabulary.


Could you share the websites you’re using? Maybe it’s possible LingQ can import them automatically…
Instead of you having to rip the SRT files from the video and then convert the SRT file into txt :slight_smile:

The main one I use is

It is the best. has good material also but not everything has subtitles.

The program I use to download videos from them is captvty, but every French channel provides subtitles and channels in different formats. Some will give you the SRT, and some have a different video stream with the subtitles hardcoded.

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Yes, I’m using VPN to access German Netflix and geo-limited streaming television. Well worth it for me as well.

Out of curiosity, which VPN service does you use. I have noticed that Netflix and Prime are both pretty sensitiev to the IPs of VPNs and sometimes you really have to bounce around, trying different IPs to get it to “go through.”

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Netflix: ExpressVPN, Nuremberg server.
I have had zero luck with Prime and I suspect a US membership only allows US shows, no matter where you are located.

You might be right about prime. I use Express also, but mostly for privacy. Haven’t been to the Fatherland with it yet.