Getting a Tutor

I would like to have a Russian tutor, but what are the advantages of having one? I would buy the $40 plus account, but I’m not sure what a tutor does. Will I have to buy a course in addition to a tutor? Will my tutor be able to help me with learning the Story of Nina, or does he/she pick the content I learn and discuss with him?

Thank you for the help!


When you buy a course you are just buying the points needed to have the discussions with the tutor and to have your writing corrected by a tutor. If there is a course there, then the tutor has selected them. If you do not see a course you like I would just sign up with a tutor and tell the tutor that you want to cover the Story of Nina.

Otherwise you could write on the wall of one of our Russian tutors saying that you would like a course on the Story of Nina and indicate the time that works for you.

I will probably sign up with a tutor and ask if we can do the Story of Nina. Who is a good Russia tutor?

Will, it is up to you to choose. I would try a few whose time slots work for you and figure out whom you like.

I can be your free tutor, if you can help me with English. What do you think about this?