Getting a portable listening/viewing device?

Ok I’m a bit ignorant. I have an iPhone 6 Plus but I’m not to savvy in the listening world. Steve recommends an IPod. I’m guessing that these devices will allow me to listen AND read along, is this correct? (I’m headed to Africa on a mission trip and won’t have Internet access to two weeks and I want to take as much content with me as possible). Thanks, Paul

The iPhone will do everything you’re listing above. (and it will probably control the International Space Station at the same time if you set it up right :slight_smile:

There are a number of apps you’d need to download and set up such as LingQ, Audible, Kindle etc. which you can find institutions for in the links on their App Store pages.

So, I can download and save a lesson in my phone and review the text and audio without being connected to the internet? I have the Lingq app and the Kindle app on my phone already.

On the LingQ app, technically you can do that, but if it’s more than a few lessons, I don’t know how practical the current implementation of this function is – they might have upgraded it since the last time I’ve used it. On Kindle / Audible this is fairly simple.

Good luck on the mission, Paul!

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Been waiting since high school to use that. … :wink:

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How do you recharge a battery in Africa ? I just bought a device that comes with 3 electric connectors, one for Japan, one for Europe and one for UK or US (not sure).

I was told the English three prong will work.

It depends on where in the enormous continent you are. In Ethiopia it is the European two-pronged 220-volt system that is used.