Getting a Kobo ebook onto LingQ

I just (stupidly) bought an ebook from Kobo without realising that I had to read it on one of their devices/apps. Does anyone know how I can get the book onto LingQ? Thanks!

To answer my own question after an hour of trying with help of Kobo customer service, this particular book was blocked from copying/importing. They ended up refunding me.

Most of Kobo books will have drm (this blocks books from being copied or imported) so you will need two programs. You’ll need Adobe Digital Edition 4.5 to open the download link at the Kobo website. When you open the file with Adobe, the rest of the book will be downloaded. Second program is Calibre. This video ( How To Remove DRM From Kindle eBooks Using Calibre (100% Free) - YouTube ) will show you how to remove the drm with Calibre. Also the plug-in works for Kobo. After doing all that find the drm free book and import to lingQ.


Wow, thanks!