Get the Most out of LingQ with Our Patterns Courses

Sometimes the hardest part of reading in a new language is figuring out how the words come together to form a meaningful sentence.

Every language is different, and until you’ve been exposed to the common patterns of your new language you’ll have a hard time understanding what you’re seeing and hearing.

Fortunately LingQ has some great beginner lessons meant to help you get prepared. They are part of our Patterns series, and you can find them in a number of languages.

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The patterns covered vary from language to language. Each lesson consists of a single patterns, with multiple variations of it one after another.

If you still need some ideas for lessons to read this week - Check out the What’s New Shelf in your language. Or, take a look at the Guided Courses shelf for a selection of our favourite material at each level.

I seem to find no one touching on any problem in Indonesian, the language I am learning. Even though I tried to understand the vocabularies, I still have difficulty in getting the full meaning of the sentences. I seem to find more words than the translation given In the phrases. Perhaps this may be solved by studying the grammar of the language. When I tried to listen and watch other YouTube Vedios teaching the same language, I get a better idea how the sentences work. I think it’s due to the fact that those Vedios covered each lesson topic by topic , making it easier to understand and absorb the content.