Get LingQ to read all my new custom lesson in one go?

I have made my first custom lesson. LingQ will read the words and phrases in the target language as usual, but I cannot play the whole text in one go. The top left play arrow is greyed out. Help please. Thanks. Keith.

If you haven’t uploaded audio file together with text in that lesson, audio is then not available and you can play TTS only. In order to play lesson audio in audio player, you need to upload audio (in mp3 format) when importing a lesson.


When I had the same problem two days ago, Peter and Eric gave me useful advice how to produce an audio file and add it to the imported lesson. You can find the threat in the Support & Feedback Forum. Title: How to automatically add audio when importing an article. Good luck, Keith.

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Danke. Thanks! Take care. Keith

Thank you for your help. Keith.