who you think will find it more challenging a english speaker learning german or a person who speaks a latin language learning german

First the English and German come from the same family tree. The proto is Germanic so its very easy to understand the rules. But in the hand the german verb structure has ending which is similar to latin languages, and also the vowels sounds similar too. It will depends if the latin person is aware of this and will be learning germanic languages easier. When we learn language we need to find the hacks of the process.

If you mean an old Latin language (but nobody speaks it as a native language, it’s dead), so you can find a lot of Latin grammar in German.
But if you mean ‘a Latin language’ like a group of Roman languages (French, Spanish or Italian), so it’s easier to learn German knowing English that one of the Roman languages.


I meant romance languages, and English is germanic, but it has influences from French. But since all these languages have roots from the Indo-Europeans (proto), speakers can find similar words.