German Vocabulary from A1 through to C1

Julia Brodt of the Lingster Academy produces some excellent YouTube videos on grammar topics but also in her adjunct free material she has a list of German vocabulary. This is helpfully analysed in topics but also indicates the word in its position for A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.
Whether you are planning to do a test (or are staying well clear of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) testing regime), this is a mighty useful list.
Be warned that it is long (!), so you might want to go at your own speed and take it in “bite size” chunks, but it is now imported into Lingq at “Der Deutsche Wortschatz”.
Hopefully this will boost your confidence in knowing many of the words needed at your own level, but with Lingq it also gives the opportunity to compare the CEFR listings with your own personal record of Lingq vocabulary, as well perhaps of indicating some further areas for development.


Is it the same word list that she organised by topics for example education, free time, work, technology etc It contains individual words not complete example sentences.

I created dialogues with ChatGPT with that list. However, it was a few months ago.

I do not know if it is a new one that you are talking about.

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You may well be right, but I did not see it earlier.
However, having imported her list into Lingq at least it gives a chance to compare her list with one’s personal Lingq vocabulary, which is a useful “compare and contrast exercise”.
Julia Brodt’s list came as an attached PDF in advertising her new C1 course.

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Do you have the LingQ to the course? I tried searching but it’s not bringing it up for me (probably user error)

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I have tried to shift it from being “private” to being available to all on Lingq as the vocabulary list is in the public domain, but maybe someone at Lingq has to approve that?
In any event you can import it yourself at:


Thanks for the list bembe.

If you don’t have audio, that could be it. You need audio (not generated audio, but actual person).

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Yes, I had created dialogues with this list. It was really helpful. I have also extended her idea to the coursebook I am using. These coursebooks organise vocabulary by themes. I will be creating dialogues by using ChatGPT and importing the text on LingQ. She also wrote three novels aimed at different language levels. From B2 to C1. levels

Thanks for sharing it.