German Tutors?

I have some points that I’d like to use. I have searched for German Tutors and it appears only Alleray is tutoring and at that only once a week. That can’t be right is it?

Anyone else tutoring German who is available during the day weekdays?

It appears Alleray is the only German (Austrian, actually) tutor who has posted times. However, there are other German tutors that you can request conversations with. Just click on the link to view current online tutors, then adjust the filters on the right to filter for just active native-speaking German tutors. Or just click here:

Ahhh, was going through the speak dropdown, not find a tutor.


BTW if any German tutors are available during the day please send me a message!

Wer ein Gespräch mit mir buchen möchte, kann mich direkt kontaktieren.
Ich setzte die Gesprächstermine nur auf Anfrage fest.

Gruezi Jolanda habe ich dir eine PM geschickt.

Hello omad84!

Unfortunately I still have some problems with my PC and/or soundcard. Otherwise I would post times in the agenda like I did some months ago. As the sound quality is rather poor (and I already got one bad valuation for it), I prefer to wait until this problem is solved. But if you content yourself with a not so excellent sound quality, it would be a pleasure for me to offer you a conversation. In this case you can send me a PM.
Ich wünsche dir jedenfalls viel Erfolg und Spaß beim Erlernen der deutschen Sprache.

Gruß Frank