German Tutor available (native speaker, high availability, Eastern Time UTC -4:00)

You can just click on my profile and select whatever time is convenient for you.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


Hi Paule, nice to see you back :wink:

Yeah, it´s been a while.^^

Still studying German and…Russian?

I still read read German quite a bit. And Russian…yeah…it’s slowly starting to come together.

Hell yeah.^^

I passed the LCCI 3 (C1) with distinction. Now I´m working on my French :slight_smile:

How to improve the listening?German speak too fast to understand. It makes me crazy… Maybe it will become better when I learn more about German? I have learned German since two months ago…

Don’t worry, 2 months is not enough to understand any new language.

Just read and listen a lot and you´ll gradually improve your listening comprehension. Learning about German pronuciation can accelerate that process quite a bit. Check this out:

hey, are u still available for some practice in German? tx