German school is watching out for an Exchange with a school in Great Britain

The school that my daughter attends is watching out for a school in Great Britain that is interested in an exchange program. They try to find a school for many years now, but it seems to be difficult because more schools in Germany are looking for a partnership than English schools. That is why I offered to ask on the forum.

If you you could help please contact me. This would be really great!

Children start to learn English intensively in the 5th grade. (What they do in the lower grades is not much.) The exchange could take place form the 7th grade. So the children are aged from 12 up to 19 years depending on the grade.

It would be fine if the exchange were German <-> English, but I guess it would be also appreciated if it would be an English <-> English exchange only.

Usually the children stay for 1, 2 or 3 weeks in a family in the other country, and then the other way round. The host family offers the partizipation in family life, bed, food and everything else. Each family has to pay for transport and probably the trips and exhibition fees. But I don’t know all of these details.

My daughter will have her first exchange on Wednesday with a French school. I think this is a great opportunity to learn something about the language and the culture of another country. I’m glad that she got the chance for this exchange :slight_smile:

Is it a mixed school or a girls’ school?

Oh, I didn’t know, that this is important. It is of course a mixed school. Public German schools are usually mixed schools.

Habe Dir privat geschrieben!

Our Easter holidays are starting soon (and may well have begun for the private sector). So if her school is looking for a quick reply…

As they wait for many years now, some weeks don’t matter.

Sanne has made some suggestions in her region, but I’m open for more suggestions. Any help is appreciated! I someone could make a contact, that would be great.