German/ Russian/ English via Skype

Guten Tag! Здраствуйте!
I’m looking for a skype penpal on one of the following languages. My English is fluent, while I’m still working on both Russian and German. Feel free to respond :slight_smile:

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Hallo! Ich spreche Deutsch und Englisch. By the way, my native language is Russian. Поэтому можем пообщаться в Скайпе.

my name is Rai Ahmed and i live in pakistan if you want to speak English with me then add me my id is r.a.hayat my English is not good but i think that we will speak good one day :slight_smile:

Hi! I speak Russian/English fluently and am currently looking to start with German (I am a rough beginner hehe). I’m mostly looking for a proper penpal, that is not as much speaking since my boyfriend is German himself and help me a lot with that. Let me know if this sounds interesting!

hi i’m anas i speak french and arabic and english fluently and i need to practice german can u help me ?