German revision - negative word count after 1 hour

I spent one hour revising this lesson, basically listening and reading.

Here are my stats at the end of the hour:

As you can see, my known word count increased by -10 i.e. it went down. My coins increased by 5. So to complete my daily coinage, I cheated and opened another lesson, and flipped through a few pages. This allowed the streak to be preserved, even though I see streaks as pointless.

So, I will never move from A2 to B1 because my word count is decreasing. Basically the LingQ stats just don’t work. I’m disappointed because the word count gives me a crude assessment of my progress.

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This may not be what happened, but it will show known words as negative if you lingq’ed any words that were previously status 4 or 5, and thereby setting them to status 1-3. That could be done during the lesson, using the flashcards or editing your vocab list directly.

I’ve had days with negative known words when I rearranged my statuses. I did find that if I achieved my streak first, it would not be taken away if I rearranged some vocab after and fell below the # of coins needed for the streak.

Or, perhaps it is just a bug.

I’d recommend focusing on words read/hours listened as goals to hit over known words anyway.

I hope it works out one way or another!

Edit: It seems others are reporting similar stats related issues. Perhaps it is indeed a bug.

These negative numbers will happen and users will have to create enough positive coins to reverse any negatives and complete their streak targets. You get negative coins when you create LingQs from Known words.
When marking words known, you get coins, but if you later click on that same Known word, and create a LingQ of it, your coins get removed, and that is why the number can be negative.

Is that what happened in your case?


Probably, but it happens often.

I think the solution for me is to not create LingQs. They are not something I like anyway.