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Hi everyone, I’m going to start studying german next year, and I’m looking for some useful resources, like these books with audio and progressive grammar. I’ve already bought basic Assimil, but I want more options to use along LingQ. If u know any book that has helped you and consider to be useful…please, tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Josem, I bought a second hand book called Graded German Reader from Crossgrove, and definitely is a must have book for german beginners. Starting from 0 words, easy phrases, short stories, fabulas, to history, everything with out picking up a dictionary. I don’t think they sell the book anymore (I have the second edition from 1978)

I also used the linguaphone series for German language It is worth to check it up.

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot esko_yera…by the way, I really need beginners material , I don’t know anything in german.


I do not know if these are specifically good for German, but they are very popular among legit language learners (LLL) and polyglots.

Teach Yourself (With CD)
LingQ (duh)

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For German, I’d say do both levels of Assimil, “With Ease” followed “Using German” and after that, you can pretty much just move onto working with e-books and audiobooks on LingQ.

A tip: “Using German” might be harder to find in the right Language combo (they do have it for French speakers) but if you just buy their mp3 audio versions, the German text is embedded into each audio file – it’s the same German text for each language pairing edition – so you can just paste the text into Lingq and work with he material that way. Having the book is nice though for grammar and translations.

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Thanks you two…these are traditional resourcers and I hope they’ll do the job.

I didn’t use anything but LingQ for the first year or so and definitely made lots of progress. I then started to look up some basic grammar structures which made it much easier for me to notice them in the lessons I was reading and listening to on LingQ. The LingQ German library is extensive. For me Veral’s lessons were sooo helpful. They start with everyday themes and progress from there.

Even for those who know nothing?

Thank you Rae, for your kind words. Josem, on my profile, you can find helpful information for German learners. Also I recommend my blog, especially the post “Beginner: Helpful to start learning German (Beginner in English)”:
I’ve created a lot of lessons and they start with lessons for absolute Beginners. Good luck with your German.

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I was able to get into russian with a combination of lingq and youtube from scratch even though It sounded like pure gibberish art first listen. Spam “who is she”, try focusing on finding the first essentials: I, You, to be, my name is, and so on. Look for germanpod 101 on youtube for some easy, complete beginner lessons.

Has anyone looked through the duolingo grammar explanations? They seem okay, but I had two years of high school German plus university level Russian, so it’s not quite from scratch for me.