German resources

anybody know any good german resources probally real beginner stuff ?

Deutsche Welle might offer something suitable…

For example, they have a daily news cast spoken slowly with text:

There are a lot of Vera’s and my lessons for beginners here in the German library.
Firstly try them and after that you can use YouTube and DW resourses.

How do you use youtube as a resource?

I don’t use German courses in YouTube, I write German lessons with my friends Reinhard, Franz und Fasulye for the German library in
But if you write in the searching box in YouTube “German” or “Deutsch”, you will receive a lot of German courses for different levels there.
You can listen to them like you do it in But be careful - not all courses have subtitles and you can’t make new lingqs like here.
That’s why I believe that every student can use different sourses - DW, YouTube etc, but also our German library in Why not?

thanks how do you think i should go about learning the german grammer

In the beginner level I recommend you to learn some basic Grammar only through examples, through patterns.
Less theory and more practice!
I try to give some important grammar through examples in my courses “Deutsch von Anfang an”, “Schritt für Schritt” and a bit more explanation in my course “Deutsch für Anfänger”.
Viel Erfolg!

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