German Radio Content

I really enjoy topical or documentary radio programs or podcasts. Some examples are BBC Documentaries, This American Life, Freakonomics. Typically longer shows around a specific and interesting theme.

I am having a difficult time finding similar German radio content. Online and with transcripts would be best. I use Deutsche Welle Langsam Nachrichten daily, but that is just news.

My target content level is B1 - C1.

Does anyone have any suggestions and thank you in advance.

One example: Gesellschaft
The side is very voluminous, perhaps you can find something interesting.

Danke Teresa.

I have used DRadio Wissen before, but never found any transcripts and never really looked at their sister site, deutschlandfunk. However, when looking at the Deutschlandfunk topic pages just now, for some reason, most of their programs do have transcripts.

Big help and thanks for the suggestion.

Viel Danke Teresa!

Dieses podcast sind serh interssant.

Ergänzungen zu meiner eigen Post, die ich gefunden habe:

ARD Radiofeature - Lange Doku-Reportagen (etwa 1 Stunde) mit vollen Manuskripte:

Czech Radio auf Deutsch - Klasse Option, alle Sendungen mit vollen Manuskripte:

Bayern Radio - Manuskript-Seite, aber man muss nach dem einzelnen verbundenen Sendung-Titel suchen.

*ohne Manuskript - ARD Radio Tatort - anders als der Fehrnsehen Tatort (auch etwa 1 St.):


Somewhere in the Forum someone recommended a site for watching movies in German with subtitles. I watched one movie that I really enjoyed and now cannot find the site. Can someone help me find such a site?

German with German subtitles or German with English subtitles?

I think it was Paule that posted the comment. I don’t remember which thread though.

Geoseo - German with German subtitles

Thanks Ozzy, I’ll check that out.


Give these a whirl, there are some movies but you need to filter them: (look for the ‘UT’ shows)

Tatort, weekly krimis, always with a subtitled version (1.5 hr long):

Alot of these shows have untertitel:

I also use various other sites for movies, including Youtube, then I will search for the German subtitles online, download the subtitles and convert them into a text file, then import than into Lingq and follow along to the film using my 2 monitors with the film on one and the subtitles in Lingq on the other.

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