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Hi I was wondering if anybody had any good reconmedations for German Podcasts. Any topic will do. Thanks

It is very difficult to recommend something if you don’t give some further information.

I’ve imported some podcasts into the LingQ Library:
Vorsicht Persönlichkeitsentwicklung: Login - LingQ (Psychologie)
Wissenspodcast mit AHA-Effekt: Login - LingQ
Abenteuer Schlagfertigkeit: Login - LingQ
Crimepod: Login - LingQ (Krimis)
Wanhoffs wunderbare Welt des Wissens: Login - LingQ
DĂĽbels Geistesblitz: Login - LingQ (Humor)
GeoAudio: Login - LingQ (Reisen)
Drei Minuten fĂĽr Ihre Gesundheit: Login - LingQ
Der Chemiereporter: Login - LingQ
Der NABU-Podcast: Login - LingQ (Natur und Umwelt)
Helmholtz-Podcast: Login - LingQ (Wissenschaft)
Bild der Wissenschaft: Login - LingQ
Die GefĂĽhlskonserve: Login - LingQ (Gedanken und Geschichten)
Der Mauerfall: Login - LingQ (Geschichte)
Der Sonntagssoziologe: Login - LingQ (Soziologie)
Frag den Sonntagssoziologen: Login - LingQ (Soziologie)
2 Minuten nachgedacht: Login - LingQ (Soziologie)
Gans am Boden: Login - LingQ (Satire)

On my blog you’ll find some suggestions including Podcasts:

Not to forget the GermanLingQ podcast: Login - LingQ (especially the last lessons with me, Jolanda and and others.)

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here a old forum post


Thank you Jolanda. The thread you’ve mentioned is a bit old. Some ressources are outdated and exist no longer.
And I would not recommend the podcasts because the speakers are not native German speakers. Deutsche Welle (dw-world) is fine.

My guess was that vettel was looking for real German podcasts and not language learning programs and podcasts, but may I’m wrong.


Ich habe die Links nicht geöffnet!

“here a old forum post” mit “old” meine ich “alt”.

War das nicht klar???