German novels as pdfs

Does anyone know a good site to download German novels or non-fiction books for free in pdfs or mobis format, or whatever other format Lingq accepts, nd that are importable without DRM rights?

I have heard I can also use Calibre to remove DRM rights, but that aside, I would like to know if there is a site, as I have no way of connecting my books on my Kindle to a new macbook without any usb ports. For some reason there isnt a single usb on it, just some other kind of a port I have no adaptors for.


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Project Gutenberg has a lot of free books:

This link has some potential resources:


Oh that’s great thank you Eric


If you’re into internet originals, Wattpad is my go to. I use calibre to download them then I import them into LingQ.

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There are some here:

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I sent you a link privately I am not sure if it is okay to post that link on an open forum like this. You can download most ebooks there for free.


Oh right - I didn’t realise. Thanks for sending the link.

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May I also have the link so that I may see German writings, please? I would appreciate it a ton!!!

sent you the link privately

Where did you send it to?

I don’t see a messages area on LingQ,

and I don’t have Skype either,

if you click on your user name or any other user name under it you will see an option “post message” , private or public. Through this you can send a personal message to another user. Just check if you got it otherwise write your email address.

“as I have no way of connecting my books on my Kindle to a new macbook without any usb ports.”

Are these books you bought on the Amazon store? If so, you can download them from the Amazon website directly.

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Can you send me on too?

I have discovered that is a large online e book platform in Germany and all their digital books are sold without DRM, which means they are easily importable to LIngq, or to Apples Books or to Kindles.


Amazing thank you. I had found another online german ebook store but it wouldn’t allow purchases without a german address, this one did :slight_smile: is good for more academic works, if that’s your thing.

You can also freely convert most document file types to PDF through a dozen websites.