German nouns

The first letter of each noun in German is capitalized. But I have noticed that when I hover on a blue word (noun) and create a Lingq of it, then everything is written small.

However the noun is saved capitalized and appears on all lists and in flash cards capitalized. I do not know why this is but I do not think we will do anything about it for now.

Hi Steve, I experienced the same for English and French. It depends on the first saved LingQ that is ever created with these letters. For example I create a LingQ for the word “table”. It could happen that “TABLE” appears in the List of LingQs because the word appears in a text in this form when the first LingQ “table” from a mamber was saved.

That is a different phenomenon. Anar is referring to the fact that when we hover over a new words and prepare to LingQ it, the noun appears on the screen all in small letters. This does not influence the capitalization of the first letter of the noun later, in the vocab lists or flash cards, which is dependent on the form of the word when we first LingQ it, as you say…