German Nouns

German nouns are capitalized. Very disappointed to see nouns in the vocabulary list starting with small letters. Very confusing and just plain wrong!

Thanks for reporting this, we will look into changing it.

There’s a difficulty with this as some words can be nouns or verbs…schwimmen (verb, to swim), das Schwimmen (noun, the swimming). Probably some mixing of other word types with nouns as well that I’m not thinking of good examples, but it happens all the time. Perhaps what would be nice at the very least is if I click on what is clearly a noun in the content, that it brings up the word with the same capitalization. My memory is fuzzy but I kind of think version 4 did this??

As for the vocabulary list, perhaps both could be shown…at least if the LingQ understands the word to be both noun and verb, or noun only, or verb only, or adjective, etc.