German LingQs and Capitalization of Nouns

I’m sure this has been covered, but searches return nothing. Why are German nouns not capitalized in the LingQs I generate? It becomes confusing when reviewing vocabulary. Is this intentional to force one to look for root words (suffixes, etc) in the word that indicate its a noun?

We do realize there is a problem with German nouns and we had same complaints in the past too. In most languages nouns are not capitalized, and for now there is no way for the system to know if a word in German starts with a capital because it is a noun, or just because it started a sentence. Hopefully we will find solution for that, but at this moment I am not sure exactly when that will happen.

I know I can edit the vocabulary meta data and add additional information; however, can I edit the noun (the word) itself to make it start with a capital letter? Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to edit terms or to import them manually with capital letters, sorry.