German LingQ mini stories issue

I wanted to bring to the attention of LingQ admins that the audio in the German mini stories from Lesson 30 onward has a lot of overlapping audio, making it impossible to hear certain sections, which makes it difficult to use these lessons, especially as I listen to these lessons many times. I haven’t yet reached Lesson 40 so I’m not sure how far through the problem extends, but at least to Lesson 35 I think. I will report back in a day or so when I reach Lesson 40 to confirm if it goes all the way through the 30’s.

Thank you!

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into it.

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It’s on ones earlier than 30 as well (except where missing mini-stories were filled in)…and I think not all those past 40. It’s essentially on many (or most) of the old recordings that were done. I’ve found the mini stories done later that filled in the missing gaps of the mini story ranges have had excellent audio without overlapping. Would be great to have the old ones re-recorded by the same fellow that did the latest ones. I do like the old recording voice, but the overlapping really is distracting.