German Graded Readers

I am currently in Milan, visiting some universities I am likely to attend, in addition to the one I have already been admitted to. I also made use of my visit by going to a library specialized in foreign language books, and happily spent 40€ of my pocket to buy 5 graded readers in German, which I’ll start as soon as I finish my Assimil beginner manual (I’ll write a review on that.) Here are the graded readers:

Black Cat - Cideb (biography of Albert Einstein)

Black Cat - Cideb (a simplified version of Faust)

Black Cat - Cideb (something about mad computers)

They all come with audio cds, recorded by professional actors. I’m going to OCR the texts, import them as private lessons on LingQ, and start phase 2 of my German learning!

why you dont share those lessons with other members, it would be nice because there are not ocred graded readers books available for download

@anunaki: Because you need permission to share copyrighted material. It is illegal to share these books publicly. Not to forget that Adalberto has spent 40€ for them.

@Adalberto: Good luck with your German.

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Just out of curiosity, what do you do to OCR the texts. I have some of the Black Cat readers for French.

I use the ABBYY software (

Looks nice, but it’s a bit pricey for me. Not sure I’d get my money’s worth. One of the things I like about LingQ (although I haven’t been using it recently) is all the content here so I don’t have to bother scanning things in. For paper books, I just read them and leave it at that.