German Dictionary

Hi everyone.

I am beginning to learn German and it seems that the German dictionnary doesn’t work. It’s very annoying to have to open a new window and look for the translation. Have you the same problem?

It seems to be working just fine for me.

In what way is it not working? It doesn’t show up at all, or it’s pulling up another dictionary?

Maybe you need to mess with the settings or choose a different dictionary.

I need the translation from German to French.

Which dictionary did you choose as default?

It’s Babylon. The other dictionnaries work but it’s very long because a new window has to be openned for each words.

Does Babylon not open and give you French? If not we could add another dictionary that you feel is better for French speakers.

Yes, Babylon doesn’t suggest me any translation. So I choose Léo but it takes to much time to open the window. To add automatically Léo is a good idea.

Have you selected Leo in the Dictionary Settings? So that it opens automatically when you LingQ a word? If so, make sure not to close that window each time. Just click back on the LingQ window and keep working. Then, the next time you LingQ a word, the new window won’t have to open, it will just refresh.

Hi Mark,
Okay I will try in that way, maybe it will be more convenient.
Let’s see :