German content for native speakers?


I am currently learning German and would like to ask if anyone knows about good free content meant for native speakers. I am Norwegian and we have a state owned broadcaster called NRK, which provides a lot of great free content - TV shows, podcasts and what not. Is there anything similar in Germany or even Swtizerland?

Thank you.

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Sally’s Welt - Sallys Welt - YouTube
(All her videos have CC too)

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Dope. Thanks man!

DW Deutsch - DW Deutsch - YouTube
Stuttgarter Zeitung - Stuttgarter Zeitung & Stuttgarter Nachrichten - YouTube
Bayerischer Rundfunk - Bayerischer Rundfunk - YouTube
Lohnt sich das - Lohnt sich das? - YouTube
NDR Doku - NDR Doku - YouTube
Im Namen der Gerichtigkeit (cheesy lawyer soap opera.) - Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit - YouTube
Reporter - reporter - YouTube
WDR Reisen - ARD Reisen - YouTube
Die Frage - Die Frage - YouTube

Look up any of the major newspapers and they probably have a youtube channel. Many of the ones Iisted above have real subtitles (not autogenerated).

Actually for learners, but despite the title some of the content can be fairly difficult as most of the on the street videos are conversations at native pace. They also have a podcast you can look for which is also at high intermediate level. - Easy German - Easy German - YouTube



har du allerede sett listen her?

think arteDE on youtube might make a good source , they make lots of small documentries
and the zu Tisch in … serie i quite like bit of a travelvlog mixed with eating some local dishes

here you can find some german tv shows

here the austrian public broadcaster

tv channel sponsored by redbull

but you might need to use a vpn for some of the links…

made a playlist with a few german songs for a language exchange partner gonna copy that link aswell maybe there is something for you there aswell…

Wünsch dir viel Erfolg beim Deutsch lernen , "Der steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein "
like this saying means in the longrun persistent action leads to the goal… even if a single troplet does next to nothing… so you need patience and consistency aswell
and with that in mind you know that you will have your breakthrough one day :wink: just a certainty if you stay true to you course