German Connection in 3 months

hello guys,

Recently I have seen here at LingQ and across people who say the internet become fluent in any language quickly, we have the great Benny the Irish polyglot with your mission “Mandarin fluent in three months”
Is easy for me to say that it is impossible to learn a language quickly, is easy to say that is a lie the promises of fluency in months, but I’ll have to criticize my own experience to draw my conclusions.

Is it possible or not to learn a new language in three months?

I have studied languages ​​3 years and decided to show everyone what I can do for 3 months studying German every day using my method Connection of the Languages.

Of course, my goal is not fluency, but I believe I can develop skills such as writing, listening, speaking, reading in a good level.
I want to know more about the culture of the country, about people, about literature, about music.
This first video is in Portuguese but the videos near I’ll record in German and use English so that more people can follow.
My channel on youtube is the “Conexãoinglês” because it was the first language I learned without a teacher, without classes and without leaving home.

Ah…another developing youtube language star…

Unlike many people I just learn languages​​, I’m not selling methods or fluency in 5 minutes on my channel.
I just wanna show what I can learn in three months.

Well, good luck with that man! I hope it goes well.

Posting videos of yourself speaking can be a good way to get feedback from natives, however, I think there’s a lack of polyglot and language learning videos in Portuguese on YT. Native Portuguese speakers who don’t know English have pretty much nothing like Steve’s video blog or Professor Arguelle’s lectures so you could do some of your videos in Portuguese and talk about resources for language learning, and things like that.

I’ll do this and I hope to help the learners.

Transcript, por favor?

First week:

I’m reading a lot and listening too, Now I can undestand better how the language works however the grammar is closed to me.
Reading practice video.