German books A1

Can someone tell me where I can find good books for A1 for free?

Well, you can purchase such learning books aimed at foreign learners from authors’ websites as they come with audiobooks as well. They can be bought as a bundle or as individual books. They are not expensive at all.

It is very important to retain the sounds of individual words when starting as a beginner. I will definitely encourage you to buy audiobooks as well. You can practice the L-R methodology. There are also ready-made Anki flashcards from the stories themselves.

You should start from Dino Lernt Deutsch Complete series as they are aimed at Beginner levels *A1-A2.

Baumgartner & Momsen Complete Bundle aimed at *B1-B2 levels.

There is another author from Germany. Angelika Bohn. I have read all her books. They are solid. She repeats some of the most important words from beginner books to her intermediate- level books so you get a natural repetition of them in a different context. Start from books aimed at A1 and work your way up. Again Audiobooks are recorded by the author herself so buying them might be an option.

Review of Angelika Bohn’s books:


Can you send me some books via email? I won’t tell anyone. :smiley:

I have Dino Lernt Deutsch, but I don’t have books from Angelika Bohn.

Well, I bought physical books of her as I like to write the meaning of an unknown word on top of it(kinda Readlang interface) so when I follow the L-R methodology the meaning is registered subconsciously when the narrator speaks it.

You can search for “Falsche addresse pdf” via Google search. One of her books. A Free copy is easily available for download.

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Thanks! Dino is my nickname btw. I guess I was meant to learn German. :smiley:

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Well, I am 100% sure that you need more than Dino Name to tame German :slight_smile: But I guess you have to start somewhere…the sooner, the better.


I had all I need. Nickname is what was missing. Now I am unstoppable. :smiley:

I found “Begegnungen A1+” helpful especially for the grammar exercises. Explanations on all relevant grammar topics can be found here