German Book/Course Suggestion

Hallo! For the past three months, I have been teaching myself German. I have been learning from “Berlitz: German Essentials.” I on the last three lessons of the book, and am looking for another book or course to buy so I can continue learning. I like the Berlitz series so far, because it seems to hit on all the basics very well. It also seems to hit a lot of grammar, so I fell like I have a solid grammar base. The only thing it lacks is audio for listening. I have been looking around for a course that has audio, and I came across Assimil. I have read good things about it and am thinking about giving it a try since I need to improve my listening. I would say I am at a solid A2 level, so I am looking to push into the B1 level. If you have any suggestions that would be great! Thanks!

There’re more than 2000 German podcasts in different levels, including the level B1 by Vera, Irene, Reinhard, me and other providors in the German llibrary of Why wouldn’t you just try them to improve your listening skills?..

On Veras profil page you will find more information.