German Audio books B1-B2

Hi Everyone,

I am really struggling to find interesting audiobooks in German. I saw a few on Youtube but when try to import them, they don’t seem to have any full stops or commas -which makes it extremely hard for me to understand the context.

My question is: do you know of any good import links?

Your help is very my appreciated :slight_smile:

If you’re at the intermediate level, you have two options: 1. using intermediate / advanced language course materials – audio from Assimil, LingQ podcasts, etc. and 2., using actual books with audio and comparative reading of TL / NL text.

If you’re gonna look for audiobooks, I would forget YouTube or any other half-way solution, I would go to Amazon / Audible and get a German language e-book with matching audio and start tackling that. You won’t have the problems you’ve listed above if you get the materials from the right source.


What I have been doing is purchasing an audiobook in German from Audible.
And then buying the same book in English but in the paper form or for my kindle.
I tried buying the audiobook in both languages, but it takes way to damn long to through the book.


To be honest, I’ve never tried studying a new language with the help of reading books. I need to try

if you are into anime stuff. I think you ca import videos from this youtube channel.

Language is very much appropriate for your level and they are short in length. Kept me busy for long without getting bored.

That is very interesting. How do you learn a new language?

That’s a good idea. May I ask, what do you use Lingq for?