German 6 month Challenge

So I have decided that in about 6-7 month I will be leaving Australia and moving to Berlin Germany at this moment in time I speak no German at all, but I am going to give myself a challenge of trying to get my German to the highest level I can within 6 months so when I move to Germany I will not be totally lost and it will hopefully help me find a job!

So the plan is to do a only listening and reading while here on LingQ, and I will be studying for 2 hours everyday untill I leave!

Any suggestions would be great and looking forward to your feedback!

Viel Errfolg!
Living in Germany can be a great motivation for your German.

is it possible to get a job within Berlin without speaking German?

It depends on the firm, but it’s quite difficult. If only you have a unique profession which this firm needs.
That’s why it’s better to study German before you arrive in Germany.

Yeah, I think this will depend on a number of things.

There might be some English-only jobs. For example, if one were working as a guide for Anglophone tourists, then it might be a non issue if that person spoke no German?

If one were looking to fill a professional role in a big international company (Engineer, Software Programmer, or something) then English might be the working language of the head office - that isn’t altogether uncommon in Germany today. In practice, however, that probably means that the working environment is bilingual to a degree. In the long run it’s kind of hard to see how a person would be taken seriously if he/she didn’t learn the local language too.

If we are talking about a more regular kind of job where one is going to be interacting with ‘ordinary’ people (i.e. if working in a shop, bar, restaurant, hotel, etc) then speaking German reasonably well would likely be a definite requirement from the outset - for fairly obvious reasons.

What happened to Spanish dude?

I am still learning Spanish but only untill I have completed my 90 challenge I have reset my stats because I was only doing reading while learning Spanish and I did hardly any listening! so I am starting my stats fresh!

What for? I mean… They are just stats, I like to see how much effort I have put into my languages overall

it would just be a good true understanding of my level.

That true understanding you’ll never know I think. Xd