I was looking at some past threads from a year ago saying that Georgian is ready to be released soon. Is this still the case or is the addition of Georgian to the platform still far away? I’ll appreciate any information provided.


We need to improve some of the Georgian Mini Stories and re-record them. That’s why we had to delay release of this language. At the moment, I can’t say for sure when it will be available.


Ah, that’s a shame. Thanks for letting me know!


Georgian course would be super nice to have. Is it possible to help somehow to release that course? Like vote somewhere or donate some money or suggest someone who can re-record the stories? Many people immigrated from Ukraine and Russia to Georgia since February (it’s like hundreds of thousands), and most of them want to study Georgian (I saw some researches on that matter), but the lack of materials and useful tools like LingQ makes that super tricky.
I’m personally trying to study it with with some reading books, but I can’t import these texts to LingQ (hence can’t repeat flash cards, add words to my vocabulary, etc.), since there is no such a language option :(. So just adding the option ‘Georgian language’ (even without actual courses or stories) will help a lot. Mb it’s possible to add ‘Custom language’ option to the beta list? So that the user can pick up a new one and just work on it by his own.


The best thing you could do would be to find a native Georgian speaker who is willing and able to record high quality stories. If you know anyone that fits this description, you can send them along to us!


Would that be a voluntary project for the native speaker or is there any payment involved?

It would be on a volunteer basis.

I can help with audio noise reduction and normalization. Check out my lessons. There some mini-stories in Russian, Belarussian end Esperanto read end edited by me. I know only 2-3 Georgian words and I remember I could read Georgian alphabet 3 years ago.

So in order to release the course we just need to re-record the mini stories and that’s it? After that the course will go live? If so, then I’m happy to help with the recording - I have a professional microphone and a sound card. Also I can find a person who will be the voice of the courses. Could you please provide more details about the going live process - like how many hours we need to record in total, should the speaker be a man or a woman, are the texts ready or some review is needed, time estimations for going live after you receive the recordings, etc.?

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Hi please send an email to sahra @ lingq . com to receive the instructions for recording and more details. thanks

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